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EMS 10: Innovators in EMS Awards

The following is information about nominations for the 10 most innovative
individuals for contributions to the filed of EMS. Check out the web pages
linked below or email Bob Hare with questions.

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From: []
Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 11:27 AM
To: Robert Hare
Subject: EMS 10: Innovators in EMS Awards

The following is sent to all AAP members on behalf of Director Schmider
and is an opportunity to nominate a deserving individual. Please fee
free to share this with your colleagues:


I am writing to request your involvement in a search for the 10 most
innovative individuals in EMS for 2010. This project recognizes and pays
tribute to 10 individuals, nominated by their peers, who made
significant and selfless contributions to the development of EMS in the
U.S. in 2010.

The "EMS 10: Innovators in EMS" initiative has been created and
sponsored by JEMS/Elsevier Public Safety and Physio-Control Inc. to
recognize these 10 individuals, who have earned the respect of their
colleagues and often taken great risks to advance the art and science of
prehospital emergency care.

Help us recognize today's bright minds that have innovated new ways of
saving lives and delivering excellent patient care, conducted research
that has positively impacted the way we approach prehospital care, and
motivated others to do the same in 2010.

We'd greatly appreciate your support in two ways:

* Please post an announcement on your Web site about this initiative
and link to If you distribute electronic newsletters
to your members, we'd also appreciate mention there.
* Please review the guidelines at Köpa proscar online and nominate
individuals you feel are deserving of recognition as one of the top 10
innovators in EMS in 2010. The nomination deadline is Dec. 31.


A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P
Editor-in-Chief, JEMS

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